I was born in Dallas, Tx ,and when I was three years old, my mother and my older sister and I moved in with my grandmother, whose house was on Enfield Road (then a dirt road). I attended Mathews Elementary School, O’Henry Jr. Hi, Austin Highschool, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UT, Austin.


1971 Licensed and worked for Warren Properties

1977 Obtained Broker’s License still worked for Pat and Bill Warren

1985 – 1997 Married, three children

1997 Worked for Amelia Bullock Realtors

2014 Amelia Sold us to Sothebys

2016 Opened Goldwater Real Estate, Mickey Goldwater, Owner – Broker


I’m involved in a few small things like The Bridge Center of Austin, I’m on the board of directors for Unit 207 American Contract Bridge League, I’m the admin for my high school website, and I’ve be involved with my church for over 40 years, Glad Tidings of Austin, women’s ministries, Bible studies, etc.

My three children are grown and I have 5 grandchildren

The lady in the picture below is my grandmother, and the newspaper picture is my mother. My mother and my grandmother, two widows, both worked full time at real estate.

Grand Mother Ada Houston of Houston & Butler (1940-1955)
Mother, Sammy Reed (1960)
Real Estate Distinguished Salesman Award